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Hair Wash

How to properly shampoo your hair?

FIRST! Less is More: Avoid washing your hair daily if you have dry scalp. But if you have really oily scalp, it is recommended to wash your hair everyday to avoid clogged pores on hair follicle.

Do rinse your hair thoroughly using lukewarm water. Do not wash your hair with hot water! When you shampoo, focus more on cleaning the scalp rather than the ends of your hair. 

Lastly, never ever scrub the scalp with your nails as that can cause abrasions and attract infections. 

Hair Salon

No time for treatment at the salon?

No worries! You can have your own salon treatment at home too using our Oriental Herb Eoyumi Treatment! 

Our treatment contains cosmetics preparation Kampo that promotes restoring hair and contains a combination of herb medicine extracts, including ginseng, that prevent hair loss and reduces dandruff (Patent No. 10 1017709). It protects hair and keeps it soft by repairing and treating hair that is damaged due to coloring, heat styling and ultraviolet radiation. 

Just leave them on the ends of your hair for 5 minutes and wash them off with cold water. 

Wigs on Display


Need help with your dry ends and frizzy hair? Try using hair essence!

You must be wondering what can a hair essence do for your hair. Well, a hair helps to hydrate and nourish your hair so that it will look silky and shiny. 

Hair essence also protects your hair from the outside by creating a thin layer of coating and hair cuticles. 

So if you have dry ends or split ends, focus the essence on the bottom of your hair! 



Avoid applying conditioner on your scalp!


Just apply it 3 to 4 inches away from your scalp and all the way to your ends. If you have dryer ends, it is recommended to apply more conditioner at the ends and leave it  on for a longer time.


This helps to prevent the conditioner from weighing down your hair!

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